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Harry Martin

Born and raised in Cartwright , Labrador , Harry Martin is fourth generation Labradorian whose ancestry is a mixture of European settler and Labrador Inuit. He writes and sings songs that reflect the beauty of his beloved Labrador; its majestic mountains, wild untamed rivers and the quiet places. His compositions tell the stories of the pioneers and the old timers, and speak of the triumphs and tragedies of early life in Labrador that helped make it the cultural mosaic it is today. He sees his songs and stories as an effective way to preserve the land and inform audiences of Labrador's history.

Harry's songs quietly, yet forcefully, stress the need to protect our natural habitat and respect the old ways of life. He well knows and understands the stories of the early pioneers and the land he so loves from his involvement in professional and volunteer conservation work.

For twenty-eight years, Harry worked as a Wildlife Conservation Officer for the province of Newfoundland and Labrador's Wildlife Division in Cartwright, Labrador. At the present time he is employed as an Education and Information Officer with the Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment Canada, in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador.

In October 2005, Harry released Full Circle, his fourth full length recording. A personal collection of songs, this CD contains the first song he ever wrote, "Three Long Years", his latest recorded composition from May 2005, titled "Mind Train", as well as other songs reflective of his song writing journey of the years in between.

Harry Martin's CD catalogue also includes Visions of this Land, released in 1994 and Broken Wing, released in 2000.

For more information you can visit the Harry Martin website: www.harrymartinmusic.com

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