Music Publishing

    Tilt Hill Publishing Ltd., a subsidiary of Avondale Music Ltd., operates as a music publisher to develop and promote the vast selection of songs and songwriters that reside in Newfoundland and Labrador. Tilt Hill Publishing is owned and operated by Lyle Drake, who has spent 40+ years in the music business all across Canada. During this time he made many contacts at all levels and in all facets of the music industry.

    Our goal is to promote our artists and their portfolio of songs locally, nationally and internationally. The quality and scope of our songwriters and their songs transcends our borders and it is our goal to develop contacts to ensure that our music is heard. We also act on behalf of our artists in an administrative function to collect and pay royalties and to secure and protect their copyrights.

    Currently Tilt Hill Publishing represents the catalogue of John Phillips, the songs of Chris Andrews & Mark Hiscock (Shanneyganock, The Government Rams), the songs of Larry Foley & Patrick Moran The Punters), and the songs of Kenny Butler.

    We are actively looking for material in all musical genres to represent.

    Do you need publishing, co-publishing, or an administrative function performed for your song catalogue or single song?

    If so, we are interested and currently accepting songs for consideration and publishing.

    We can structure different arrangements for you according to your needs.

    For further information you can contact or send material for consideration to Tilt Hill Publishing.

    Artists/Songwriters published by Tilt Hill Publishing

    Chris Andrews
    Kenny Butler
    Mark Hiscock
    John Phillips